Print  Reading  for  Construction,  7th Edition...  Video  Training  Series
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Print Reading for Construction, 7th Edition... Video Training Series

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Print Reading for Construction       

Video Training Series

9  Video's... 10 units

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This will include all future video's for the remainder of the units as they come available... and a 25%  discount on the textbook with FREE shipping in USA

Each video is a comprehensive review of the units content... and in many cases more.  The training course is narrated by the Author, Dan Dorfmueller. Dan has over 45 years in construction and was trained as an architect with a degree from the University of Cincinnati DAAP program.

The program is intended for technical students, apprentices, and adult construction workers or anyone entering the construction industry. When you complete this training course you will be able to find your way around construction documents.

Video's currently available:

Unit 1 - Construction Drawing Organization & Unit 4 - Lines and Symbols (12m)

Unit 2 - Construction Math and Application (17m)

Unit 3 - Reading Measuring Tools and using Scales ( 19m)

Unit 6 - Specifications and Building Codes (18m)

Unit 7  - Construction Materials Types and Uses (29m)

Unit 8 - Site Plans (10m)

Unit 9 - Architectural Drawings (14m)

Unit 10 - Foundations (13m)

Unit 11 - Structural Prints (22m)

The videos follow the content in the book and are intended to compliment the textbook material.


  • 25% discount on textbook
  • Taught by the author Dan Dorfmueller
  • 10 units of video currently available... more to come
  • Each unit has the answers for all the Test Your Knowledge questions
Please Note:
This video series is for individual use... companies who want to use this video series for training multiple people within their company please contact me for a yearly license agreement.
Thank you
A comprehensive review...
Unit 1 - Drawing Organization and
Unit 4 - Lines and Symbols

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