Frequently Asked Questions...

 What if I have no experience reading prints?

This textbook has many levels from easy residential to more complex commercial projects. This is designed for individuals that have no experience at all.

 I'm only interested in residential construction, will this work for me?

Yes, the book has several core units that everyone needs to learn plus three paths; one is a simple residential, the second a bit more difficult residential and the third path is a reading commercial prints. Something for all levels of starting knowledge and interest.

 I have been in the construction for several years but never fully felt comfortable making decisions when reading prints...

This course will take you to the next level. The Unit by Unit is designed to fill the gaps you may have in reading construction drawings. I my 25 years no has ever come back and complained about this book or the Video Training Series. 

 Do the videos follow the textbook?

Yes, the videos are a comprehensive review of the material in the textbook.

Where do the videos come from?

The videos are unlisted on YouTube, they are easy to access from anywhere with an internet connection. A list of URL links will be send immediately upon purchase.