Print Reading for Construction textbook and Video training Series was excellent to learn from. The material and thorough explanation of each item made it easier to understand as Dan explained it.This has helped me read blueprints much easier in the workplace. Soon I will be taking my ICC exam and I am now more confident on picking up a set of drawings. The value that you get for the price cost is priceless. If you care about your future you should consider investing in getting this training series. If you put the time in, you will NOT regret it. It is important to pick up the book as well for more exercise and data activities. I even took another class online which helped somewhat but not as in-depth as Dan’s. Now after working 15 years in the construction industry I can point someone in the right direction. 

Miguel,  Construction worker,  NYC

I have been using this Print Reading textbook along with the Video Training Series to train my new hires in the art of reading construction drawings. We sell construction supplies, and this helps them when visiting jobsite and working with project managers.  It allows my team to add value by reading the drawings to do take offs for material quotes.  The textbook with the videos makes it easy to study at your own pace. The videos are high quality and easy to follow. Highly recommend!

Nicholas,  Regional Sales Manager for Colony Hardware,  FL 


The Print Reading textbook's key strengths are the organization of the material and the many accompanying print reading activities. The logical progression of the topics from the basics to more advanced topics makes it ideal for classroom instruction or self-study. The prints are not merely supplementary illustrations but integral to the learning experience

Mrs. Sharon LaHood,  College of Engineering,  The University of Louisiana at Lafayette


“We have been using the Corporate Subscription for the Print Reading for Construction book and Videos as a training tool for Team Members at McClone Construction who have not had any past experience reading prints.  It has provided to all of them a solid foundation to reading construction plans and helped many of them take the next steps in their careers.  We are grateful to have this resource and would highly recommend it to others.” 

Nate Orr,  VP,  McClone Construction, CA


Invaluable Blueprint Reading Class! I recently had the privilege of attending a blueprint reading class, and I can't express enough how beneficial the experience has been. The class was nothing short of exceptional.

The instructor was not only highly knowledgeable but also incredibly passionate about the subject matter. Their expertise in blueprint reading was evident, and they made the complex concepts easy to grasp. The class was structured in a way that catered to both beginners and those with some prior knowledge. What I appreciated most about this class was the practical approach. We didn't just learn theory; we applied what we learned to real-life scenarios. This hands-on approach made a significant difference in my understanding of blueprints and how they are used in various industries. I also appreciated the support and guidance provided by the instructor throughout the course. They were always available to answer questions and clarify doubts, creating a comfortable and open learning environment.

   Cristal Elias STACK,  Training Specialist,  OH


Really enjoying your book. I am currently in the process of obtaining my contractors B License & this book and videos have been very resourceful to me, the teachings on this book and the practice questions have really helped me get a better understanding on missing dimensions or how to calculate stair risers given height of ceilings. Unit 2 construction math and application and the construction materials unit has done well for me.

Josue Diaz,  Los Angelos,  CA